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Browns Bay is on the east end of the lake and connected to Wayzata bay and Orono. The area includes Lookout Point and Bracket's Point. Browns Bay Marina is a stone throw.

Carman Bay in Orono includes Casco Point, a popular locale with visitors and locals.

Carson Bay in Lower Lake Minnetonka is in a minimum wake zone - to the west is Big Island.

Cooks Bay is in Mound. Access is made possible by a boat launch coupled with Surfside Park.

Crystal Bay is off Shoreline Drive, its home to Northshore Marina a skip from Lafayette Club + Noerenberg Gardens. The Bay includes Bohn's Point, Orono and Minnetonka Beach.

East Upper Lake is a large body of water and south of Spring Park. Crescent beach is in this locale.

Echo Bay is coupled with Tonka Bay and Orono its home to Tonka Bay Marina.

Emerald Lake is on the west side of Lake Minnetonka near Mound.

Excelsior Bay is on the south with Bayside Grill, Maynard's and Haskell's. Excelsior and Greenwood connect to this area + public docks.

Forest Lake is on the northwest side.

Gideon's Bay includes Excelsior, Shorewood and Tonka Bay on its cusp.

Grays Bay is on the east side and at the start of Minnehaha Creek. Minnetonka and Wayzata border its shores.

Halsteds Bay is on the west and home to Minnetrista. A few fast paces to lakeshore.

Harrisons Bay ends its point on the northwestern side. The bay includes Shadywood Point, Centerview Beach and Lake Minnetonka Marina.

Jennings Bay on the shores of Mound / Minnetrista is known for its beautiful and dynamic housing.

Lafayette Bay includes Huntington Pointe, Recreation Point and West Point. Lafayette Bay is 2 minutes of front curl from Lafayette Club.

Libbs Lake is on the eastern side of the lake. Gray's Bay Blvd runs over the channel - Minnetonka calls the area home.

Maxwell Bay in Orono is between Crystal and Stubb's Bay. Te area is home to Wayzata Marina and North Shore Marina.

North Arm Bay is on the North side of the lake. North Arm connects to Maxwell Bay + Crystal Bay.

North Lower Lake calls Orono, Greenwood, and Deephaven home. N Lower Lake includes Gibson's point, Sunset Point and Swift's Point. The area includes Gale Island and Ferguson Point.

Peavy Lake is in Wayzata and connects to Brown's Bay.

Phelps Bay is west of Spring Park Bay on Upper Lake. Phelps Bay is surrounded MN islands: Phelps Island, Enchanted Island, Shady Island and Goose Island. The bay is surrounded by Minnetrista, Mound and Shorewood.

Priest Bay is on the western side of Upper Lake between Cooks and Halstead Bay. Its on the cusp of Mound and Minnetrista. The bay is home to Hardscrabble Point.

Robinson Bay touches Deephaven and Woodland. Robinson's Bay lies on the southeast of Brown's Bay and on the east side of Lower Lake. The bay includes Gibson's Point and Robinson's Bay.

Seton Lake in the city of Mound is a channel between Cook's Bay, Harrison's Bay and Spring Park Bay.

Smith Bay, is home to Northshore Marina, and Arcola Bridge.

Smithtown Bay is on the shores of Victoria and Shorewood.

South Lower Lake (SSL), is north of Excelsior Bay and is separated from Lower Lake North by Big Island. SSL is surround by Deephaven, Greenwood and Orono. Ferguson Point and Gales Island are positioned in SSL.

Spring Park Bay is home to Lake Minnetonka's main patrol station (Hennepin County Sheriffs Office). Per the name, its shores include Spring Lake Park.

St Louis Bay is in the city of Deephaven on the southeast shoreline of Lower Lake Minnetonka - just north of Carson's Bay.

St. Alban's Bay is on Lower Lake Minnetonka, it neighbors Excelsior Bay and is bordered by the cities of Excelsior and Greenwood. Greenwood Marina / Tonka Bay Marina call St. Alban's Bay home.

Stubb's Bay is in the northernmost part of the lake.

Tanager Bay is a large body of water in Orono.

Wayzata Bay is on the cusp of Downtown Wayzata. Delightful dining destinations acompany this area.

West Arm Bay, is on the west side of Lake Minnetonka, and is home to Rockvam Marina. West Arm Bay has shoreline in Mound, Spring Park and Orono.

West Upper Lake is in Minnetrista on the edge of Lake Minnetonka Regional Park.